Who Are the Heroes in Your Life?

Choosing to Honor the Most Honorable Among Us

In America, as with most countries, we take great national pride in those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. We call them heroes. Men and women, often rising from obscure corners of the country, who honor us with their courage, strength, and blood. They are the best of us. And they deserve to be remembered.

The Top 10 Books That Have Changed My Life

The person you are today is largely the result of the people who’ve surrounded you over the years. Your friends, family, co-workers, etc. have shaped your thinking and influenced your actions more than you will ever know. But some of the greatest mentors in your life have actually formed you from a distance.

Why You Are the Most Influential Leader in Your Life

When you hear the word “leader” who’s the first person you think of? Is it the President of the United States or some other national political figure. Maybe it’s someone in your community like a school administrator, a pastor, or a business owner.

When somebody talks about leaders or leadership, we all see the faces of people who we think fit that bill. But the big question I want to ask you is this: who should come to your mind first?